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About MBU

Merit Badge University (MBU) is a Boy Scout merit badge clinic put on by Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity at Auburn University. MBU has a rich history at Auburn and with the Fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega was founded on the principles of the Boy Scouts of America and even though a scouting background is no longer required for membership into the Fraternity; the chapter at Auburn University maintains a rich scouting membership which usually includes several Eagle Scouts.

The Fraternity records show that Merit Badge University has been a part of its service program since the early 90's.

The purposes of MBU are to allow scouts the opportunity to visit a college town and to give scouts the opportunity to earn merit badges in a college academic environment. They also get access to resources that they would normally not have available to them on the local troop level.

We try and get professors to teach the merit badge classes. This makes their experience even more interesting. This also helps the Fraternity develop relationships with members of the faculty at Auburn University.

MBU is a fun filled weekend event for both the scouts and the Fraternity.


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