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Adults Registered: 26
Youths Registered:105

Announcements Updated Tuesday, January 25, 2022:

  • Hope to see you at MBU 2022!
  • Event Disclaimer: Please Read
  • MBU 2022 Canceled: We regret to inform you that the event has been canceled. We understand that increased COVID-19 case numbers and heightened Auburn COVID measures made it difficult for many troops to attend, and has increased our logistical strain. We are able to announce that we will be planning a Merit Badge University for 2023 and are currently considering changes to the structure of the event to make it more resilient to the types of issues faced this year. Thank you for your continued support,

We want to encourage all troops attending MBU to register using the online registration feature. Online registration will have priority on selection and assignment into merit badge classes.

It is recommended that you download the following information before proceeding with the online registration; registration packet, adult registration form, and youth registration form.

Please look over the Questions page before going any further. You will find out information concerning the registration packets and online registration.

Use the menu below to view important documents/information concerning MBU.

Check back for soon for information on MBU 2022

In order to speed up the registration process, we have created a page that allows you to view the current class availability. more...

Event Disclaimer: Please Read

Risk Management Disclosure: Please Read

In accordance with the Auburn University Minors on Campus Policy each Scout's parent or legal guardian must complete this electronic Informed Consent and Waiver:


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