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Δ1380, Rachel Bruner

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I skipped my 2pm.

After a night of rest brothers get ready to work.

Food, fun, and fellowship are part of what makes Delta so great. Keep it up guys.

Delta Chapter repaints the basketball court at Camp Grist.

Taping the floors took most of the time during the entire project.

Moon observes from a distance.

Mike Watts patiently applies the tape outline to the floor.

Brothers work on painting one of the ends of the court.

Brother Jones and Courington were the official commentators for the horseshoe tournament.

Can we say ringer?

Brothers played some horseshoes while we waited for the tape to arrive.

Leave it to Delta to make an easy job hard real quick.

Work in progress.

Making the arches turned out to be a slow process. The key to it all was just sheer patience.

Mac was the MIC for this project. Hey buddy, donít forget the tape next time.

New logo painted at center court.

Trying to get people ready to take a picture sometimes takes an act of Congress.

Close up group picture.

Delta gets a group picture at new center court logo.

Delta worked hard and had lots of fun repainting the basketball court at Camp Grist.

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