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Δ1247, James Brock

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I'm the red head

Brothers worked on cleaning up the avairy for the 75th service project.

The building was in pretty bad shape.

The old door is about to far apart.

Causey scrubs the fountain with bleach.

Kevin and Piehole work on cleaning the archway.

Alumni from many decades came to help at the service project.

Cleaning the outside of the cage is equally important.

Many brothers got the chance to catch up on good time while working together.

Kevin works on removing one of the old light fixtures.

Fellowship and service go hand in hand.

Kenny Jones holds the door together. Not really but it looks that way.

You have got to start them young.

Is this thing on?

Godfrey plays with the water.

David, just hanging around in the tree.

Dave and Chip try to pond Piehole.

Chip gets wet in the process.

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