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Δ1239, Thomas Key

Initiation Date



Graduation Date
August 2007

The pig roasts over the fire.

1209 David Self and 1226 Jon Causey

1203 Jason Moon gets ready.

Brothers worked for a week and a half to prepare 1215 Mike Watt's Backyard.

Including building a pond and a bridge.

Is that ICE in 1209 David Self's cup?

1229 Massey Griffin with the guitar.

Brothers relaxing while the pig cooks.

1147 Jimmy Courington - beach bum.

1223 Jason Wright in the spirit!

1224 Jon Wright's girlfriend, Jamie - the beer goddess.

1186 Kevin Hicks - in the spirit of things!

1229 Massey Griffin grooves on the guitar.

And the pig cooks…

The pond eventually became occupied.

1223 Jason Wright and 1214 Chris Smith.

Brothers from West Georgia joined us.

The band, Pretty Beat Up, arrived soon.

A group gathers around the food tables.

Pretty Beat Up's lead singer, Rebecca.

They put on an awesome show.

The pig comes off the fire!

The cooking crew celebrates a victory over nature!

1224 Jon Wright with the pig's head.

Think Lord of the Flies…

Cutting the pig.

The band really did good for the atmosphere.

1209 David Self … and the monkey!

1236 Ross Spafford and The Lord of the Flies.

1186 Kevin Hicks dancing with the monkey.

The crowd really grew as the night went on.

Everyone wants their picture taken with the Lord of the Flies!

It was difficult to remember you were in Auburn, Alabama and not in Hawaii!

The drinks did a lot for it, too.

Dancing people!

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