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Δ1162, John Hathcock

Initiation Date


Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date
6 June 1996

Personal Quote

"Do what you've always done and you'll get what you've always gotten." -1150
"Change done by you is invigorating, while change done to you is debilitating." -Unknown.

1229 Massey Griffin and 1222 Rob Robertson play on guitars.

954 Kenny Jones, one of our advisors, joined us for a little bit to play.

1222 Rob Robertson grooves on a guitar.

Pledge Ross, 1209 David Self, and 1214 Chris Smith wait for dinner.

Pledge Brad cooks while 1214 Chris Smith looks on.

1216 Mac Frasier and 1203 Jason Moon eagerly await dinner.

1229 Massey Griffin, Pledges Brad and John, and 1215 Mike Watts form an impromptu band.

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