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Δ1217, Justin Gallups

Initiation Date

Personal Quote

"There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone: All that we send into the lives of others Comes back onto our own." --EDWIN MARKHAM (1852-1940).

1216 Mac Frasier, 1227 Brad Duckett, 1224 Jon Wright, and 1203 Jason Moon wait to leave.

Pledge Ross and 1229 Massey Griffin getting impatient and playing with 1227's toy.

1209 David Self tries to squeeze into the car. It's not working.

Once we got to 1216 Mac Frasier's river house, games of bumper pool ensued. Here, 1224 Jon Wright tries to take a shot while 1203 Jason Moon fixes the door.

Evening gathering on the porch.

Delta Jam Session: 1216 Mac Frasier, 1229 Massey Griffin, 1227 Brad Duckett, and 1203 Jason Moon entertain the group with their musical ability.

For most of the evening, we just relaxed at Mac's Rio Casa.

The next morning, the group gets ready to go.

One of our first jobs at Camp Grist was to clean off the cabin roofs. Here, 1229 Massey Griffin works on the roof.

1224 Jon Wright holds the ladder while 1229 Massey Griffin climbs down.

Our major task of the day was working on the chapel.

Here, 1215 Mike Watts and Pledge Brad sweep the leaves out of the chapel.

1224 Jon Wright pressure-washes the stage.

1216 Mac Frasier installs a water break.

1224 Jon Wright and 1214 Chris Smith fill in the area behind the water break.

1216 Mac Frasier and 1217 Justin Gallups fill in the third water break.

1203 Jason Moon pressure-washes the moss off the stairs.

1217 Justin Gallups and Pledge Ross shovel away dirt.

1203 Jason Moon and 1224 Jon Wright clear away debris from the entry road.

We installed a total of eight water breaks in the chapel.

The entry sign at Camp Grist in Selma, Alabama.

After a long hard day's work, it was time for FUN! Here, 1217 Justin Gallups swims in the Alabama river.

Is that terror? 1224 Jon Wright falls backward off the dock into the river.

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