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Δ1253, William (Bill) Mitchell

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Wireless Software Engineering

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May 2007

Chip Watts and Allen Perez are some of the first to get up in the morning.

Now I get it. They were after the food.

Everyone else drags in slowly.

Yes, we drank that much chocolate milk, and no one got sick.

After breakfast we gathered outside to get our job assignments.

Mike Watts was the MIC out this project. Cosby has become a semester project.

A fairly large group went up to the adventure cabins and worked on insulating the walls and ceilings.

Our WWF fanatics practice their high flying moves. Kids, don't try this at home!

Chris, Moon, and Jason work on installing paneling in one of the cabins.

Chip helps out by removing some screws from the wall.

Jason Wright helps out Kevin by holding up the insulation.

Jason, what are you doing? Is that how you are supposed to hammer a nail?

As we were trying to take a group picture, we had some entertainment by a local dog.

Camp Cosby has become a great project for Delta Chapter. This semester we used this project as our project for national service week. A big thanks goes out to all those who attended this project outside of Delta Chapter.

I think I can, I think I canů

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