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Δ1182, Christopher Bransby

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Management Information Systems and Accounting

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Personal Quote

Change is inevitable, Growth is optional. ~ Bill Purvis

Brother Rob McCracken and his date Becky McBride.

Amberlyn and Betsy.

Pledge Jason and Andrew. Hey guys, no hogging all of the girls.

Kevin is giving his fraternity brother Justin some bunny ears.

It is not a good formal without a good-old Electric Slide.

Go Jimmy, go Jimmy…it’s your birthday…it's your birthday.

Brother Moon and Nicole.

The guy on the right is pledge Chad. You will start seeing him a lot. You can say he likes the camera.

Ed Day, an alumni brother, and his date Becca.

Play that funky music white boy….

It's the traditional pledge class song and dance. Go pledges…

No comment.

Sweetheart Bradley busts a move.

Those are some dancing pledges.

Go pledges, go pledges…

Sorry guys, I had to put this one up. Ha.

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