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Δ1291, Kyle McInnis

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Aerospace and Chemical Engineering

Graduation Date
December 2013 and May 2012

Friday night at Mac's river house was spent cutting up and playing bumper pool.

Duck, he is going to blow.

Saturday morning and a few carpet burns later, brothers get ready to head to the local YMCA camp in Selma.

Kevin cuts down a dead tree. Brothers are clearing a trail from the camp to the lake down the hill.

Watch out, he has a shape blade…never mind that thing is dull as anything.

Action shot.

You looking at me?

Supervisor Jason Wright, 'Good work guys. O wait, you missed a tree.'

Every good project deserves a group photo. Good job Mac on a fun and rewarding project.

After the project brothers went back to the river house and preceded to have some fun. Where is Mac? Ha, ha.

Except for having to swim back up river the rope swing was a lot of fun.

Rid'em cowboy.

Believe it or not, that was a high dive. Okay, where was the form on that one guys?

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