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Δ1159, Reverend Mark Librizzi

Initiation Date


Graphic Art

Graduation Date

Personal Quote

"Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it." Pope John Paul II

Fall Semester 2019 Officers

President Zach Barnes
MVP Zack Taylor
SVP Jennifer Dorick
SYSVP Amber Bryant
Treasurer Tommy Wickum
Secretary Kevin Lublin

Current Member Roster

Legend: (A) - Active (As) - Associate (Ad) - Active Advisor (H) - Honorary
(Ad) Earl Langley Δ795 (Ad) Kenneth (Kenny) Jones Δ954
(Ad) Bliss Bailey Δ996 (Ad) Robert London Δ1233
(Ad) Bryan Andress Δ1260 (Ad) Stacey Powell Δ1278
(A) Ryan Pearson Δ1299 (A) Crystal Rawls Δ1300
(Ad) Patrick Thompson Δ1305 (A) Cody Fee Δ1308
(A) Alex Atwood Δ1314 (A) Jacob French Δ1315
(A) John Mayhall Δ1318 (A) Justin Mercer Δ1319
(A) Peter Atkinson Δ1320 (A) Amber Bryant Δ1323
(A) Chris Ciulla Δ1324 (A) Safa Khan Δ1328
(A) Clayton Smith Δ1329 (A) Ethan Fowler Δ1330
(A) Kevin Lublin Δ1331 (A) Tommy Wickum Δ1332
(A) Ali Al Farhan Δ1333 (A) Ben Dempsey Δ1334
(A) Justin Goff Δ1335 (A) Lydia Lindsay Δ1336
(A) Connor Mahoney Δ1337 (A) Nicholas Peterson Δ1338
(A) Eric Wickum Δ1339 (A) Alexa Wishard Δ1340
(A) Zach Barnes Δ1341 (A) Zack Taylor Δ1358
(A) Jennifer Dorick Δ1360

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